Thursday, December 2, 2021
Ken Maaz - Ashley House
Everyone Deserves Their Best Life

Be inspired by the miracles that are created every day for the most vulnerable children in our community and the stories of the people who make them possible at Ashley House Northwest.

Ken Maaz is in the 47th year of a career that has included work for county and state juvenile services agencies in Texas and for the last 35 years as the chief executive of several northwest non-profits.  He has been with Ashley House for nine years and plans to make this his last agency home.  He loves his work, the mission of Ashley House, its wonderful kids, and his exceptional Ashley House family.  A graduate of Baylor University where he majored in Social Work, he also possesses a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington, and he recently completed his doctoral studies in leadership and learning in organizations at Vanderbilt University. When not working Ken stays busy with his four year old, Mikey, his husband, Miguel, their five dogs, and their soon to completed school bus conversion into a camper.