DEADLINE:  Must be postmarked by February 25, 2021

The Rotary Club of Tacoma # 8 awards several college and technical school scholarships annually in support of seniors graduating from Tacoma high schools.  The Rotary Scholarship Committee selects the scholarship recipients after reviewing their applications and interviewing the students; only 3 nominees per school are considered.  Each school can only apply for two of either scholarship, two technical and one four year or two four year and one technical.  The scholarships are made payable directly to the institution the student has chosen to attend and can be used for tuition and/or academic supplies.

Our goal is to make awards to students with financial need, where assistance might make a difference in the student’s decision whether or not to attend college.

Each student is required to complete the scholarship application as well as provide an unofficial transcript of their high school grades to date.

Scholarship applications must be submitted through the counseling office at each high school and must be signed by the counselor.  The list below shows the schools and counselors that we work with:

School Contacts
Scottie Hill                             Annie Wright School
Gary Mayne                           Bellarmine Prep
Melissa Moffett                     IDEA
Jami Buselmeier                   Life Christian Academy
Jamila Jones                          Lincoln High School
Glen Burden                          Mt Tahoma High School
Juanita Cantrell-Jeffrey      Oakland Alternative High School
Elizabeth Minks                    Science and Math Institute
Brandi Junderson                 Stadium High School
Amy Reinmuth                     Tacoma Baptist High School
Jordan Villapando              Tacoma School of the Arts
Nancy  Sprick                       Wilson High School
William Reiser                     Foss High School