Rotary Youth Exchange
Would you like to help advance international understanding, goodwill and peace, by being an exchange student in another country? As a Rotary exchange student, you would take on an assignment to represent Tacoma and the United States. You would live with carefully-screened host families, meet often with your host Rotary Club, and have the opportunity to travel with other Rotary exchange students within your host country’s Rotary district.
Rotary Club of Tacoma #8 members help to select local high school students to participate. Tacoma #8 Rotary is in Rotary District 5020, which includes parts of western Washington State and Canada. You have a choice between two different exchange programs:
LTEP - Long Term Exchange Program
STEP - Short Term Exchange Program
You will find descriptions of both programs on the Rotary District 5020 website:
Become an Outbound Rotary Exchange Student: You must have at least a 3.0 GPA. and be between the ages of 16-18 as of September 30, 2023.  Recruiting for outbound Rotary exchange students, for both the LTEP and the STEP, begins in September. Local Tacoma interviews are conducted in late October-November. Rotary District 5020 interviews are conducted in December, and then final students selected are announced.
LTEP students leave Tacoma in August, live with two or three carefully selected host families, attend high school in the host country, and then return to Tacoma the following July-August.
STEP students host a Rotary exchange student from another country in their Tacoma home for several weeks during the summer and then go to the other Rotary exchange student’s home to live with that student’s family. The exact dates and length of the exchange are worked out by the two families.
Rotary District 5020 currently exchanges with over 40 Rotary Districts in over 20 countries. These countries are selected for their stability and their concern about the welfare and safety of our students. 
To apply to be a long term or short term outbound exchange student, you must apply directly to Rotary District 5020, at
Questions? Call the Tacoma #8 Rotary office at (253) 473-7723. You will be put in touch with local Rotarians who can give you more details.