Maintaining Good Attendance

Your Attendance
Service Above Self is what makes a Rotarian, so showing up is an important part of being a Rotarian - getting things done is the other important part. Our goal is for your experience to be fun and rewarding enough that you want to make the time to attend and participate. When things come up there are provisions to make up missed meetings, request leaves of absence, and to join as a corporate member. 
 Here are the attendance and make-up rules as distilled from the Bylaws of Rotary Club of Tacoma # 8:
Members are encouraged to attend 50% of the regular club meetings.
How do I make-up if I miss a meeting? Make-ups will be applied to any meeting you missed within the Rotary year.  See 'Ways to Maintain Attendance.
Ways to Maintain Attendance

1. Come to the Thursday meeting; the Program Committee has great speakers lined up.
2. Make up at another club; you can find times and locations on our website.
3. Participate on a Committee; if you check out the Gearshift you will see multiple opportunities every week. You can drop in to any committee at any time to try it on for size. (Ask the Chair if they are turning in the attendance list.)
4. Make up online at 
5. Come to a Fireside, you not only get credit, you get to voice your opinion about a current topic impacting our club.
6.  Attend Galleyside (last meeting in June).
7.  Attend a Rotary District Conference.   
8. Attend a Thursday Social. Check the Gearshift for details. (Just call or email the office to let them know you attended.)
9.  Attend a relationship building event that may be scheduled.
10. Participate in a service project like Read2Me, EFN Food Repacking, Salvation Army Bell-Ringing (in December)
11. Host an exchange student or involve one or more exchange students on an outing.
12. Volunteer in the Rotary office.
13. Keep your ears open...who knows when the President might hand out credits for bringing a guest or sitting up front.