Thursday, December 5, 2019
VOL. NINETY SIX,  Issue 23
Stacey Ogle and Tracy Peacock
Rotary 8 Invests to End Malaria in Zambia
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Earlier this fall Stacey and Tracy joined other Rotarians who are involved with the Rotarian Malaria Partners to experience first hand what the residents of Zambia face in their efforts to limit the death toll related to malaria. You will be inspired to learn of the steps that are being taken and how our investment is saving lives. 
December 12 - Thursday at 5
Ben Bridge
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December 19 - Holiday Program
Gabe - Nico & Rotary Talent
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No Meetings 12-26 or 1-2 
January 9 - Thursday at 5
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Use this link to register for our anniversary dinner.  Joy will send you an invoice or you can make a note in your reservation comment to charge your card on file. 
Join us on Wednesday, January 29 at 5:30 at the Hotel Murano Bicentennial Pavilion to commemorate our 110 Years of Service!  We are looking forward to a room full of members and guests who will join us to celebrate all that we have accomplished in our 110 years of living our motto of Service Above Self. Our 110th Anniversary Committee held their first meeting last week and one of our several impressive accomplishments is generational members. Check out these Rotarians whose family service is over 40 years!
James Thompson, 1910-1927 - Son Arthur, 1933-1969, Grandson Buck, 1954 - Present
William P. Matthaei, 1912-1967, Son Chuck, 1947-2014,  Grandson Bill, 1978-Present - Grandson Fred, 1978- Present
Horace Whitacre, 1926-1944, Son Horace, 1953-1976, Grandson Bill, 1975-2000, Grandson James, 1981-Present
Harris Warnick, 1929-1950, Son Robert, 1942-1976, Grandson Jack, 1980-Present
Theodore Brown, 1930-1950, Son Warren, 1963-2004, Granddaughter Whitney Grisaffi, 2015-Present
Lawrence R. Ghilarducci, 1933-1984, Son Lawrence R., 1962-Present
Joseph H. Gordon Sr., 1933-1950, Son Joe Jr., 1938-2009, Grandson Joe III, 1969-Present
Warren Hull, 1940-1974, Son Kirk, 1960-Present
Charles T. Pearson, 1950-1994, Son Cap, 1996-Present
Arthur T. Norman, 1950-1994, Son Peter, 1979-Present
Lloyd Silver, 1960- 2014, Daughter Stacey Ogle, 1990-Present 
John C. Dimmer, 1961-present, Son John B., 1979-Present
Joseph Lovely, 1968-1975, Son Jeff, 1971-Present
William Hansch, 1975-2003, Son Mike, 1982-Present 
There is always an opportunity to get involved in a Rotary Project. Below is the upcoming schedule from the Projects Committee. For more information you can contact the Projects Committee Co-Chairs Diane Kelleher or Gil Quante, or the Project lead as noted below.  Please let them know if you have an idea for a project as well. 
November - December 12- Giving Tree - Miriam Barnett and Pat Steel
December 10 - Toys for Kids Shopping- Christina Turner
December 14-EFN Break Bags - Gil Quante
December 20-Salvation Army Bell Ringing- Ann Voves
2019 Toys for Kids Shopping Night
For those of you who love to shop and who delight in helping kids in need here is your opportunity.  On Tuesday, December 10, join dozens of shoppers at 10:30 p.m. at the Target on Union to fill a cart, helping families who have critically ill children at Mary Bridge. You will have a shopping list from all of the children in the family and you will make their holidays brighter!  Already signed up are; Betty Capestany, Libby Catalinich, Elaine Chan, Jackie Lindstrom, Molly Peterson, Monique Valenzuela and Jennifer Weddermann.  If you would like to participate sign up this week at the meeting or contact Christina Turner at 
We had an incredible group of Rotarians working hard on Saturday November 23 packing 1,000 Break Bags for the Emergency Food Network.  Talk about People of Action, these members are super; Jan Anderson, Jan Brazzell, Jace Dwinell (and our Interact students), Jacki Farrar, Julie Foley, Whitney Grisaffi, Maria Harlow, Diane Kelleher, Gil Quante, Ann Voves, Carol Webster, Jim Whitacre and Missy Zenczak. These folks also included 23 friends and family to join them, sharing their hearts and hands of service!  If you missed this one be sure to join us on December 14, from 9-11 for our next repack. 
Remember to bring your gifts this week or next week to Thursday at 5! 
Tacoma 8 Rotary members are the most generous community members. All of the ornaments have been claimed, although I am sure each of the agencies we are working with will welcome an extra gift card or two, if you haven't had a chance to sign up, just bring the gift card to an upcoming meeting and we will pass it along. The ornaments, attached to the gift or gift card must be returned by December 12.  Please, if you took an ornament with a gift, you are supposed to do the shopping and return the gift unwrapped. (we really don't have little shopping elves standing by to do the shopping for you)  You can return them at meetings or to the office until December 12! Thank you for helping to make the holidays bright for children you will never know, but who will be so grateful.  Gifts this year will go to children at the YWCA domestic violence shelter, Tacoma Rescue Mission’s Adams Family Campus, and Catholic Community Services.  Thank you for your generosity and care for others during the holidays!
Rusty H & Gil                 Whitney, Stacey & Di
Jeremy & Jeff                   Jim & Ann             
It's that time of year again to clear some time on Friday, December 20  from 11 AM - 2 PM to be People of Action! Please come help us fill the kettles for the Salvation Army, we almost have the 20 volunteer slots covered, but we welcome additional participants if you still want to help. Please sign up at the meetings on December 5 or 12 or contact Ann Voves 253-988-5607 or to volunteer! Here is the schedule. 
Cindy Niemi, Robin Echtle, Christina Turner-Farelli’s 11-12
Jackie Lindstrom, Jeremy Fogelquist-Farelli’s 12-1
Kelly Lane, Gabe Bringman-Farellis’s 1-2
Rusty Hersey, Gil Quante-Katie Downs 11-12
Ann Voves, Jim Whitacre, Michelle Roberts-Katie Downs 12-1
Mike Dunbar, John Schneider-Katie Downs 1-2
Monique Valenzuela, Dan Bogart-Harmon 11-12 Need help from 12-2!!!
Rotarians at Work Supporting Raising Girls 
The bags were all packed at the meeting on 11-21 and members  had another great chance to participate in a project.  How rewarding to see our charitable dollars and work and to know that those bags and notes will go to young ladies here in Tacoma who will feel the love and support!   Special thanks to the members who help set up and deliver the bags to Jason Lee and the Raising Girls headquarters; Rusty Hersey, Andy Laycock, Jackie Lindstrom, Gil Quante, Carol Webster and the Project Chair Sharon Chambers-Gordon
We will be presenting our 2nd Annual Lifetime Achievement award to coincide with the celebration of our 110 year anniversary.
Criteria for selection
Commitment to the club through service activities as well as financial support. It is important to recognize the quality and quantity of service to the club.  Additional factors that could be considered is service to the local and global community
Qualification of nominees
  1. Must have been a Rotarian for a minimum of twenty (20) years. Here is a link of 20 year members. Service in other clubs will be considered as well
  2. Must be a Rotarian of Tacoma Rotary 8 in good standing.
  3. Past Presidents are eligible having been out of office three full Rotary years
  4. A member may be nominated more than once.
  5. Deceased members may be nominated provided they were alive during  part of  the award year
Please take the time to thoughtfully consider a worthy recipient.  Fill out the form completely (including your name as the nominator) They need to be returned to the office by December 5, for distribution to the selection committee. Forms will be at the meeting or use this link to download one. 
Reflection-Bill Duppenthaler
Board Greeter/Roving Mic-Robin Echtle
Greeter/Roving Mic-Greer Todhunter
National Anthem & 4 Way Test-Jennifer Weddermann 
Piano-Jack Warnick
Fine Counter-Dan Bogart
Storywriter-Kim Bedier
Meeting Sponsor-Kathryn Nelson
AV Assistant-Don Sheppard
Please contact Kathi to volunteer 
--Leading the National Anthem & Four Way Test
--Giving the Moment of Reflection
--Assisting with Audio/Visual
--Greeter and Roving Mic
--Sponsoring a meeting
--Check in Assistant
Birthdays This Week
Kit Evans - Dec 02
Larry Hosley - Dec 06
Anniversaries to Celebrate
Lisa Mansfield - 1 year 
Evelyn Ryberg - 5 years 
Debbie Regala - 12 years 
Tracy Peacock - 14 years 
Greg Rolsma - 15 years 
Elaine Chan - Kowloon, Hong Kong
Social at The Table May 16
Upcoming Socials
The Fellowship/Relationship Building Committee invites all members of Tacoma #8 to join them on Thursdays at 5 pm. These socials are a great way to meet some new Rotarians or catch up with old friends. Pandakas, these meetings will fulfill your "social" requirement prior to graduation and, for all members, it’s fun.
December 5
Christmas Party Carlyn Roy’s house
2915 N 30th Street
Tacoma, WA
Starts at 5:30
Bring a bottle of wine or beer and an appetizer to share
December 12 - Thursday at 5
Ben Bridge
4733 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Suite 100
Tacoma, WA
December 19
Dirty Oscar’s Annex
2309 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
December 26
No Social Merry Christmas
President Carol's Thanksgiving Message
Isn’t it amazing and wonderful how much our world can change in just one year?!! As I ponder the last year’s challenges and opportunities, it brings me back to our most recent program of Gratitude and how much we as Rotarians have to give thanks for in this past year.  I look back to just one year ago, last Thanksgiving, I had so much to look forward to in anticipation of my year as your President. I never imagined that this year I would find myself expressing untold gratitude for this new little one who will enter my life in a few short weeks. What an amazing Blessing on top of serving four and a half months as your President.  My heart is filled with joy that you have given me the opportunity to serve you and our club in this role.  Your support as my life has changed is nothing short of amazing…I always knew that my Rotary family was special, but you exceed my expectations every week!!  My days have been full, but my heart is fuller with the gratitude I have for each of you and all of the good work you do in this community and around the world through your membership in Rotary.  During this Thanksgiving week I offer you and your families heartwarming thanks for the dedication, service and generosity you show. Good wishes, good food, good health for you this Thanksgiving and throughout the coming year. 

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