Tacoma School District and Our Repsonse to the Current Pandemic
Apr 02, 2020
Carla Santorno
Tacoma School District and Our Repsonse to the Current Pandemic

Carla Santorno, a national award-winning superintendent, has led an academic improvement effort that has increased the Tacoma Public Schools graduation to 89.3 percent for the class of 2018. That's up from 59.2 percent when she joined the district in 2009 as deputy superintendent. AASA, the School Superintendent's Association, named Carla the winner of its national 2016 Women in School Leadership Award. Carla consistently says her primary goal as superintendent is to increase student achievement.  She stays close to teachers and strives to provide them the support they need to effectively educate Tacoma's students. Connecting with all the players in the district – from parents to teachers, food service workers, bus drivers and custodial staff, is a part of her vision to create an aligned focus from classroom to classroom and school to school.
Carla is recognized for her strategic thinking, coordinated efforts, collaborations and partnerships as she leads our school district. 
Carla will update us on the work the Tacoma School District is doing to serve students, teachers, parents and the community during the pandemic.