The World’s Greatest Meal To Help End Polio
May 18, 2017
Susanne Rea
The World’s Greatest Meal To Help End Polio

Susanne joined Rotary in June 1994 as the only woman in her club. She quickly engaged and served as International Director and Club Membership Director and Youth Exchange Counselor, Host Parent and Area Membership representative. 

She then focused  on the plight of children in the Golden Triangle area of Thailand where stateless children are trafficked as sex slaves or drug runners.  She was recruited to be  Promotions and Development Coordinator for Rotary Australia World Community Service  in Northern Region 5 Districts and held a seat on National Committee . Her fund raising interest led her to an appointment as District 9550 APF Fundraiser in a Pilot District 2010/­13 and which lead her District achieving the second highest giving in Australia.

Susanne turned her focus to polio and The World’s Greatest Meal To Help End Polio was conceived  and has grown into major success with the help of Rotarians globally.