Battlefield Addiction - Helping One Family at a Time
Jul 27, 2023
Angie Keaty-Dahlin
Battlefield Addiction - Helping One Family at a Time

Battlefield Addiction is a free-service non-profit that employs a unique “Family First” approach to drug & alcohol addiction and prevention.

Angie Keaty-Dahlen,  Executive Director of Battlefield Addiction:

Angie Keaty co-founded Battlefield Addiction in 2014 with former addict turned sober living provider, Art Dahlen. After 5 years of struggling to find help for her son’s drug addiction, she finally found success after being coached by Art. They soon began coaching other parents together and honed their “Family First Approach” to addiction. Becoming sole Director in 2020, Angie is deeply compassionate and skilled at walking families through every aspect of connecting with their addicted loved one in a way that helps guide them into treatment and recovery.