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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Creating Peace - Student by Student

We can agree that the one thing that the world can use right now is peace. Rotary Youth Exchange is creating peace one student at a time. The relationship between students and their host families contribute to a cultural understanding that is hoped will lead to a more interconnected and peaceful world.

Rotary Youth Exchange has been a part of Rotary International since 1929. About 9,000 students between 15 and 19 are sponsored by Rotary Clubs annually between 80 countries. These kids experience new cultures and experiences that can often be life changing.

There are long term placements allowing students a full school year in a foreign country and short term placements that last just 30 days during the summer and reciprocate with the host family in the foreign country.

Rotarians participate as volunteers. Each Rotary must pass muster in order to receive certification to receive a student. That means that a high level of supervision is maintained for youth protection to certify as an Exchange club. Students are given a small stipend each month while they are here to offset basic expenses. Through our fundraising efforts and gifts to Project Greater Good we are able to give our incoming students a monthly stipend, as well as paying for them to attend conferences and trips to British Columbia and California.

Last year we sent 3 students abroad who experienced life changing opportunities and we welcomed Ailsa Louis and Luis. This year Veerle and Mikulas will arrive on the 25th and the 26th  and you will all have the opportunity to meet them soon!

Rotary Youth Exchange is a pillar of Rotary International work around the world. It is just one of the ways Rotary contributes to the peace of the world. Rotarians who have hosted these children have enjoyed the experience of teaching and learning about another culture. These kids never forget their experiences and many Rotarians have stayed in touch with these wonderful ambassadors as they grew up, married, had families and then traveled back to visit. It is truly a long lasting relationship.