Rotary Club of Tacoma No. 8

Tacoma Rotary Foundation

The annual meeting of the Tacoma Rotary Foundation was held during the August 25, 2016 Club Meeting for the purpose of electing the Foundation Board of Directors for this Rotary year.   Club members in good standing are also Foundation members. 
The TRF Board meets quarterly to provide governance and fiduciary oversight over the TRF Trust Fund, and the TRF Fundraising Account.    The board consists of six elected members and three members who serve by virtue of their Club Office – the President, President-Elect and TRF Fundraising Committee Chair.
2016-17 Board of Directors
President - Brett Thomas
Vice-President – Rick Oldenburg
Treasurer – Cynthia Darland
Secretary – Larry Ghilarducci
Director – Mark B. Anderson
Director – Mike Dunbar
Director – Becky Fontaine
Director – Mary McNally
Director – Kirsten Willis