Welcome to the Web site of the Rotary Club of Tacoma, the 8th Rotary club in the world.  

If you are interested in joining Rotary, and would like to attend an upcoming meeting, please contact the Rotary office at 253-473-7723.

Upcoming Meetings: 

Thursday, July 30 -- Buck Frymier - Gig Harbor Rotary's Work to Help Women Transitioning out of Women's Correction Center in Purdee

Meeting Location:  Landmark Temple Theatre - 47 Saint Helens Avenue, Tacoma (noon)               


If you are a member, we hope the readily available information will help you keep up-to-date on our programs and activities and contribute toward your frequent participation.

If you are a Rotarian in another club and will be visiting or moving to the Tacoma area, our site will tell you what Tacoma #8 is all about and also give you all area club meeting days, times and locations.

If you are not a Rotarian, please go to About Tacoma #8 to find out about this extraordinary organization and how its mission is carried out in the South Puget Sound area by the Rotary Club of Tacoma #8.

 *** Please Note ***

Our On-Line payment system is currently under maintenance.  Please contact the Rotary Office 253.473.7723 to pay using your credit card.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


    • Tacoma #8 Rotary Office
      Landmark Convention Center
      47 St. Helens Ave, Ste 200
      Tacoma, WA 98402

      Mailing Address
      PO Box 1777
      Tacoma, WA 98401-1777
      Phone (253) 473-7723
      Fax (253) 473-7838

      Barry Benson
      President 2015-16

      Beverly Vincent
      Executive Director